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Te Rangi School Camps
Review from 2014

Six kids from Rata Street and four kids from Pomare School were lucky enough to have an amazing fun experience in Otane, Hawkes Bay. We went on a Drama and Music Camp. Two Rotary clubs, one from the Hutt and one from Wellington sponsored us. Kevin and Ken came to help. The teachers chose carefully because they wanted kids who loved drama, music and were well behaved. All the fun is in this story, read and find out what we did! It was spectacular. Diana G
After we had an amazing breakfast on the first morning, it was time for our first lesson. Mary had told us that every actor had to learn to work with a group. We did fun games that would teach us how to: speak clearly in front of an audience and use our initiative. One of my favourite games to play was “The Sound Game”. This game was teaching us to use our initiative. One kid had to start at the front of the room and do one action and one noise. The rest of us would, one by one join on by adding a new sound and action. No one told us when to go and who to go – we had to use our initiative. Our first lesson made us exhausted! I’m glad that I was chosen for Drama Camp – it was incredible! Nina P
We had to write and perform our own play about a mean and greedy King. We were learning to be someone else because when you are doing a play you must be a different person, or the play won’t go well. I had been in a statue mode for a long time and then I had to say, “Halt! Who goes there?” (To surprise the crowd.) We had to use different personalities to tell the story. King (mean), Queen (kind). In the beginning we weren’t very good but by the end of rehearsals we were great. Rex
Every morning a chef (Mr D) cooked our breakfast. We had a real chef to prepare and cook our morning and afternoon teas, lunch and dinner, but we could create our own desserts. We had cereals, ham, eggs and delicious sausages served at the long bench. For dinner we had something more appropriate like vege and slow roast beef. We had super yummy food. Cole
It wasn’t all about acting. We had lots of other fun too. On the cold frosty mornings we would climb up the slopes and slide down on the mini sleds. We got so hot that we didn’t feel the cold. One of our favourite things was horse riding. We put on our helmets, got on the saddles and were lead around. We had one horse without a saddle. Ouch! The spine was skinny and boney. We also played in the sand pit and on the swing. It was flabagastic. Isaac K
We also learnt to write and sing a song. This is my story.
Diana and I attended the music workshop with Peter playing the acoustic guitar. We made our song by first brainstorming things we really enjoyed, like our family, friends and games we really liked to play. We took those things and wrote them in lyrical form. Peter helped us shape the words to fit the tune he played. We put the words and music together, then Peter sang while playing the acoustic guitar and then we sang.
Our brand new song sounded pretty good. Our song was recorded to be burnt onto a CD. I’m looking forward to hearing it again and sharing with mum, dad and my brother Nathan. It was a very creative experience and I learned you can write a song about anything. I had and awesome time and enjoyed myself. David W
On the way up we were very noisy getting to know each other and singing loudly too. On the way back we were a lot quieter because we were exhausted from our amazing drama and music experience.

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