Iona Girls College: Music Workshop; Song Writing

‘I would like to mention how great the workshop was. Before this experience I was not much of a singer and I would not even sing very loud at choir. Now I am very confident and I found it good that Emmie was not a very confident singer either so we learnt and grew together. I never thought a future in music was for me but i am now considering it and might even take music in year 10.’ Pupil year 8

‘I’m very glad I chose to be in music. i’ve never had a better day at school, honestly. the way you taught us was exciting, we weren’t hitched up on desk writing boring essays about how to write a song and how the recordings work. We were writing songs and playing instruments and having LOTS of fun and actually producing them. I just wanted to say that you are the best teacher I have EVER met.’ pupil year 8


Wanting my old Friend 1  An Mp3 file of a song from the workshop. Written and sung by two students in year 8 at Iona College. The violin on this track is played by a student who quickly understood the use of improvising.

All the students on the course wrote great songs. It was a privilege to be part of the day. So great to see the endeavor, the passion for the music,and the talent. Thanks for making your music alive.  Peter C-J


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