Festival 2018


This year the festival falls on the week end of the 19th January until Tuesday the 23rd

The Festival is held at Te Rangi Farm, 212 Argyll Rd Otane

Central Hawkes Bay.

ph 06 8568367


Te Rangi Music Festival


Friday 19th January

Blackboard Concert 7pm-9.30pm (two songs)

(RUMPY stage.) MC Karen Sol


Saturday 20th

11am Janet Jam (Dome)

1-2pm SHOWCASE Helen Capes Northumberland Pipers.

(RUMPY stage)

3pm Children’s concert

(RUMPY Stage)

4pm Gin workshop bring your own tipple and additives!


5.30pm Singer SongWriter Circle (Wowroom)

7pm a Concert of Genres

(Rumpy Stage)MC Roy McGuinness


Sunday 21st

5pm Singing Tent Judith Sibylle Bauerdick(RUMPY)

10am groups up for blind date

10.30 am The Great Watties Mystery Can Competition


11am Ukulele Circle (Dome)

11am CLAWHAMMER WORKSHOP Helena Triplett Berger Faust (RUMPY)

1pm BD groups meet (See blackboard for rooms)

2.30 BLIND DATE concert (RUMPY Stage)

3.30pm ice-cream (RUMPY)

7pm Blackboard Concert (two songs)(RUMPY Stage)

MC Vanessa McLellan


Monday 22nd January

9.30am Poets breakfast (Garden)

Danny Priestley

11am Tango Argentino workshop

Judith Sibylle Bauerdick (RUMPY)

2pm-4pm Blackboard Concert (Two Songs)

7pm-9pm Blackboard Concert (Two Songs)


PS Margaret-Mary Farr-Devries is offering her art class again. I will let you know what her charge for materials will be..last year it was $15


You will need camping gear. Food. (supermarket 5 minutes)

Cost: $70.00 adults for week end (Friday to Tuesday)

$25 per day/night camping

$10.00 day rate (no camping)

$20.00 teens still at school

Children free ( 12 and under)

Evening concert only $5.00 children free

DOGS:..if you must please keep tied up at all times. This is a working farm next to a working farm. Small dogs that fit on your lap can come to the concerts but if they make an fuss please keep them at campsite. This is a trial this year. Thanks

facilities include a communal kitchen and fridges. Some freezer space.Flush loos.
plenty of jamming spots (shade or shelter from rain …unusual to have rain…)

swimming pool


outdoor stage etc

Hope you can come!

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Hokowhitu School

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Morningside School Whangarei

Hi Mary and Peter,

A couple of years ago you visited our school…we all rate yours as being amoung the best performances we have seen in all our years in education, so much so that we would love to have you back again…

Principal (email 2010)

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Auckland Folk Festival 2010

akld fest turkey2

(picture Jane Fromont)

8th Feb 2010

Dear Mary and Peter,

‘Your concert performances were outstanding and lots of fun. You really are a fantastic storyteller Mary and Peter’s musical accompaniment was the perfect embellishment to your tales. You two have an amazing rapport and it really pays dividends when it comes to your performances. I don’t know who enjoyed the performances more, the children or the adults. I know I have never laughed so much in a long time, and I had lots of fun being a chicken on stage!

We know from feedback that you were most definately one of the highlights of the festival for many participants and we thank you so much for your input. Your contribution certainly helped make the 2010 Auckland Folk festival such a resounding success. You were great festival guests both on and off stage and I certainly hope we’ll see you back again.

Warmest regards

Tricia Lee

Programme Co-ordinator

Auckland Folk Festival INC

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Auckland Folk Festival 2010

Dear Peter and Mary,

Fantastic shows, you are so funny- so kind to children- so entertaining-so read the audience and respond 100% , managing to make everyone feel great- I loved each performance- you are both so amazing and talented and warm and wonderful.

email from audience member.

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Glistening Waters NZ Nat. Storytelling Festival

..you two certainly know how to wow your audiences. The totally satisfied look on their faces as they leave the hall is amazing. people commented on your interactive storytelling as a welcome contrast and a lovely reminder of stories of old, ones they so enjoyed as children. Your names come up often as the best children’s storytellers ever, quickly followed by, “and for me too, they’re my favourites”

Coordinator GW’s Festival

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Ngatapa School May 2009

Mary and Peter are a wonderful duo. They kept the whole school entertained. The interactive nature of her storytelling is magic and will be remembered by Ngatapa School for a long time.

Sonia Turnbull Ngatapa School

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Patutahi School review May 2009

Mary Kippenberger and Peter Charlton-Jones visited our school today and presented two seperate storytelling sessions, the first to the year 3-8 children and the second to a mix of Patutahi Playcentre children. Pakohai Kohanga Reo and our own year 1 and 2’s

I can quite safely say that all who attended throughly enjoyed and appreciated what they saw , learned and participated in.

To beable to present learning opportunities to such a wide age range of very diverse children and have them all benefit greatly from the experience takes real skill and passion, both of which Mary and Peter have oodles of.

As a principal i am always keen to hear when mary is in town as the children always get so much out of what she has to present to them. Great props, great stories and great talent. We look forward to hosting Mary and Peter in our school again.

Patutahi School Tairawhiti

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Review from Waimata Valley School, Gisborne.

April 2009
Storytelling With Mary Kippenberger and Peter Charlton-Jones
‘Oh, how to sum up in one short paragraph? Here goes:

With the heaving, giant pink suitcase, the guitar and stereo system we knew something exciting was going to happen…and indeed it did! each child was included in the story along with staff members. This took everyone out of their comfort zone and transferred them into the magical world of storytelling. Everyone was surprised by how easily we fell under mary and peter’s spell and soon we all became actors. We were delving into unexplored territory for most of us.
The best thing of all was how Mary took mental notes of everyone’s performance and gave feedback that was meaningful, timely and very individual. We may be small but the visit showed that Waimata Valley School is a school of budding actors and actresses. it has given us some wonderful ideas that we can work on and develop ofr our end of year concert.
We had the time of our lives. Thank you so much for bringing such a special opportunity to us. We can’t wait until the next time.
Waimata Valley school Gisborne

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The festival (Te Rangi festival)

Please see TE Rangi Music Festival for 2018 details

te rangi 2009


photo by gerard hudson


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