Review from Waimata Valley School, Gisborne.

April 2009
Storytelling With Mary Kippenberger and Peter Charlton-Jones
‘Oh, how to sum up in one short paragraph? Here goes:

With the heaving, giant pink suitcase, the guitar and stereo system we knew something exciting was going to happen…and indeed it did! each child was included in the story along with staff members. This took everyone out of their comfort zone and transferred them into the magical world of storytelling. Everyone was surprised by how easily we fell under mary and peter’s spell and soon we all became actors. We were delving into unexplored territory for most of us.
The best thing of all was how Mary took mental notes of everyone’s performance and gave feedback that was meaningful, timely and very individual. We may be small but the visit showed that Waimata Valley School is a school of budding actors and actresses. it has given us some wonderful ideas that we can work on and develop ofr our end of year concert.
We had the time of our lives. Thank you so much for bringing such a special opportunity to us. We can’t wait until the next time.
Waimata Valley school Gisborne

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