Mary Kippenberger’s Blog

13 November 2013

It is 12.45 am and all are asleep but me. A kilo of cherries sits to my right, a bunch of browning bananas to my left. I need to clean my teeth and I need to go to bed. One more cherry perhaps. Last day of my twice daily visits to Hastings for IV treatment. Yay.

Michael’s 30th birthday yesterday. My youngest is nearly 29, the eldest 42 and where does that leave me thank you very much. Middle aged bus people relinquishing their seats for me. Goodnight nurse!

An inconspicuous start to an occasional blog!

14th November 2013

Jame’s 8th birthday

So two weeks enforced leg in the air rest and today I walk. I went to bed with resolve, oh the things I would achieve on the morrow. I would become an organized, everything in it’s place sort of a woman. My life would stand to attention. I would achieve serenedom. First on the hit list my WOW toy collection, the biggest in the world. Those rascal grandchildren had been in the WOW room and had being PLAYING WITH THE WOW TOYS. Which is ok except that THEY DID NOT PUT THEM BACK IN THE RIGHT ORDER. There had been inappropriate product placement. It was a higgle piggle for breakfast, farmers in rockets, bulldozing people driving fire engines, children the ambulance. I settled to my work but quickly tired of the task . Resolve slippage. I procrastinated to the bathroom, donned the rubber and dealt to the loos. Pleased with myself I opened the big dark cupboard. In the big dark cupboard are commercial size containers of product, any old product you might like to use. I dimmley searched and came up with bleach. A slosh in the bowl just the ticket. Cracked the seal, poured and puzzled as a thick yellow glugged it’s way, porcelin bound. It was the bubbles that gave the game away. My 62 year old self delighted with unsuspecting flusher images, where bubbles met bums. Splendid misuse of dishwashing liquid.