So what exactly do we do?


A typical session for schools or in a library is one hour long. The programme will depend on the age range of the audience and the size of the audience.(this can vary from as few as 10 to as many as 3000!).

All sessions will include:

  • Fairytales played in pantomime tradition with Peter playing guitar and Mary telling the story with the help of up to 20 children in costume.
  • Songs
  • Folk Tales
  • Nursery Rhymes
  • Original Tales

The sessions are always inclusive, interactive, fun, challenging and aim to make kids feel good. Self esteem is the key to all!

see references for feed back

akld folk fest

(photo Jane Fromont)



MUSIC: at least a day in length. Teaching how to write and record music. Can be held at schools etc or can be held at Te-Rangi. (our place!) Peter brings the raw data home to our studio, mixes it down and the school receives  CD’s for the participants. Examples can be provided. All sound recording equipment is provided.

STORY /DRAMA Preferably a full day. Can be held at school etc or on site at Te-Rangi. A programme that encourages creativity, independence, confidence and fun. With a mass of dress ups to assist the creative juices the participants are given a senario and let loose on the stage/floor. By the days end the children will have produced a work that they have all contributed to, come up with their own dialogue and ideas. Everyone will have played a part and not a line will have been written down. They will have some ideas on stage craft and the importance of voice, breathing, characterization and team work.The school receives a storyboard DVD recording of the day. Examples can be provided.


$300 performance plus GST

Three performances on one day in one area attract minimal mileage.

Full day workshops by either Peter or Mary

$800 plus GST

If both Peter and Mary are employed by the same school or organization for the same period of time there is a $100 discount per workshop

mileage: 50c per kilometre




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